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Majorelle garden & Museum of Islamic Art


Other guests may bring flowers, but Yves Saint Laurent gave the entire Majorelle Garden to Marrakesh, the city that adopted him in 1964 after a sequence of events that included in rather unfortunate order: launching hippie fashion; fame as a groundbreaking gay icon; and an obligatory stint in the French military. Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergere bought the ...

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Gueliz, Hivernage are the heart of the modern part of Marrakesh

gueliz marrakech

ORIENTATION    Count on a 30-minute walk from the centre of the ville nouvelle to Djemaa el-Fna, the main square in the heart of the old city. Since the blocks are long and boring until you enter the medina, you may want to take a bus or taxi.     The main areas of the ville nouvelle are Gueliz and Hivernage. ...

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The Red City – Marrakesh History

Menara Marrakesh

    Many desert caravans passed through this outpost before Almoravid Berber leader Youssef ben Tachfine and his savvy wife Zeinab recognised its strategic potential, and built ramparts around the encampment in AD 1062. The Almoravids established the city’s khettara (underground irrigation system) and signature pink mud-brick architecture. But when Almohad warriors stormed the city like a marauding construction crew, they ...

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2 Days in Marrakesh: What To Do ?

Place Jemaa El Fna

    From the moment you arrive in Marrakesh, you’ll get the distinct feeling you’ve left something behind – a toothbrush or socks, maybe? But no, what you’ll be missing in Marrakesh is predictability and all sense of direction. Never mind: you’re better off without them here. Marrakesh is too packed with mind-boggling distractions and labyrinthine alleyways to adhere to boring ...

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Marrakesh – A brief history of the Red City

Road To Marrakesh

History of Marrakesh     If Dr Who were to muck about with local timelines, there would be a gaping hole in our time-space continuum. On a map Central Morocco appears isolated by mountains and desert on three sides, but it has made African, Arab and European history as the final leg of legendary trans-Saharan trade routes. Trading contacts with southern ...

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Nomads: Want to stay healthy? Eat the right spices

nomads pharmacy morocco

Upon a visit to any souk in Morocco will make you stimulating all your senses; Vibrant colors, fragrant spices and exotic flavors… Some tourist when they visit a spices shop in Nomads towns, thinking that spices for cooking only, but this is unfortunately a mistaken belief. Some of those towns don’t have a Hospital, they use spices to stay healthy, ...

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The kingdom of Morocco

Morocco desert

Morocco is an Islamic country. The religion is an integral part of the culture. The holy book is the Koran, based on the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed. Each observant Muslim practices the five tenets, called the Pillars of Islam. These require that the faithful profess their faith, pray five times a day, practice charity, fast during Ramadan, and make ...

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