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The Red City – Marrakesh History

Menara Marrakesh

    Many desert caravans passed through this outpost before Almoravid Berber leader Youssef ben Tachfine and his savvy wife Zeinab recognised its strategic potential, and built ramparts around the encampment in AD 1062. The Almoravids established the city’s khettara (underground irrigation system) and signature pink mud-brick architecture. But when Almohad warriors stormed the city like a marauding construction crew, they ...

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Marrakesh – A brief history of the Red City

Road To Marrakesh

History of Marrakesh     If Dr Who were to muck about with local timelines, there would be a gaping hole in our time-space continuum. On a map Central Morocco appears isolated by mountains and desert on three sides, but it has made African, Arab and European history as the final leg of legendary trans-Saharan trade routes. Trading contacts with southern ...

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