Morocco desert
Morocco desert

The kingdom of Morocco

Morocco is an Islamic country. The religion is an integral part of the culture. The holy book is the Koran, based on the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed. Each observant Muslim practices the five tenets, called the Pillars of Islam. These require that the faithful profess their faith, pray five times a day, practice charity, fast during Ramadan, and make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Morocco is a land of Tolerance, where Jewish, Christians and Muslims live together in peace.

The kingdom of Morocco is surely one of the world’s most romantic travel destinations. Maybe it’s the sensuous mud-and-clay architecture of KASBAHS, or the exotic ambiance of palace-filled medieval cities like Marrakesh Meknes and Fes, or the spell cast by the mystical landscapes of the Sahara. Whatever it is, we are charmed by this ancient land, and we think you will be, too.

Morocco has long held a mystique for travelers. From ancient Kasbahs to bustling open-air souqs, Morocco’s cultural history is riveting. But so is its natural history. Discover another side of Morocco on this nature-focused odyssey through the most bio diverse place in North Africa. From the Mediterranean to the Sahara, we find a remarkable array of geographic features: rocky coast and desert dunes, deep gorges and High Atlas peaks, Argan forests and palm fringed lagoons. Such varied ecosystems create diverse flora and fauna habitat that’s home to a host of unique and rare species. From endemic flowers to rich bird life and threatened mammals like the Barbary macaque, Morocco’s natural treasures are a fitting complement to its cultural riches. Like the intricate design of a Berber rug, Morocco weaves a spell that lasts a lifetime!

kingdom of morocco

Morocco is 14 km from Spain with 2 oceans the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, 4 Mountains chains, the High Atlas is the highest pick in North Africa and sandy desert in south.

Morocco is home to numerous vestiges of Phoenician, Roman, Carthaginian, Portuguese, and Spanish cultures. The Roman ruins of Volubilis and Sala Colonia are the most notable. Essaouira, Safi, El Jadida and Azemmour were once important Portuguese strongholds which have recently been restored, Jews have a centuries-old presence in Morocco, and many Muslims and Sephardic Jews still worship at the same shrines. Ancient synagogues still welcome visitors in the Atlas Mountains and other cities. A small but active Jewish community exists throughout the country. also holds treasures of Moorish Andalusian architecture indoors and out; in the Sahara regions, adobe (mud and straw-built) villages or kasbahs are of special interest.

Trekking is in the High Atlas Mountains , visit the land of the Berbers and the local inhabitants.
Treks take place on foot, mule. Exciting desert safaris usually feature camels, barely two hours from Marrakesh will you find the third highest peak in Africa. Well-developed ski resorts include the Oukaimeden in the High Atlas, and the gentle slopes of the Michliffen in the middle Atlas. Snowfall isn’t guaranteed but the season usually lasts from Christmas until Easter

Oukaimeden Marrakesh

Station Ski Michlifen Morocco

Michlifen Marrakesh

The majority of people class the Moroccan cuisine it in third position after the French and the Chinese. You can feel this from the variety of the Moroccan table. The sight, the smell and the touch give you a preceding idea of the flavor. The full blown blossoming of colors, the textures create such a surprising contrast, the different contrast of flavors complement each other. Moroccan dishes are flavorful including Tajine, a thick vegetable and meat stew, Couscous, chicken stuffed with couscous, almonds and raisins, Mechoui, roasted or grilled mutton, and mint tea, available everywhere you go. Morocco is famous with its traditional served food besides the international cuisine which is incited from most parts of the world. Even if it is safe in most big cities, it is always advisable not to drink tap water or eat raw vegetables especially in Desert areas. Bottled mineral water is available throughout the country.